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Welcome to Pittsburgh's Adobe User Group Page

If you're a new or experienced Adobe user, joining our group is a great way to learn more about Adobe products and how they can improve and streamline your workflow when designing for print and/or the web. Please join the group to be informed of important meeting dates.

Currently we are meeting at:

Panera Bread
3401 Boulevard of the Allies
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Our next meeting is September 26, 2012 at 7 p.m.


Adobe User Grp Mgr is: Charles Blackwell aka cblack412

Please create an Adobe User account and join our group by following these simple instructions here:


You can customize your profile by following the link here:


Thanks for joining and have fun!

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Adobe presenting the future of the web, CSS Shaders! Check out thses wonderful videos to find out more and how you can incorporate them into your workflow!



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